This year during kickoff, our team decided our goal was to create a light, reliable robot that was capable of performing all possible tasks. In order to reach this goal we decided to use REV Robotics to reduce weight and have designed some unique mechanisms that put our robot beyond the competition.

Meet the Robot

Below we have listed a history of our teams robots as well as a general synopsis of what each bot did.

Rocky (2017-2018)

Rocky, in contrast to Bertha, is one of the lighter robots built by our team with the goal of increasing mobility as well as making autonomous more reliable. Rocky also has mecanum wheels with a 1:2.5 gear ratio, and a "nested lift" set up with the horizontal and vertical lifts attached to each other.


Caesar (2015-2016)

Often recognized for its iron block and sturdy structure, Caesar is the robot that took our team to the World Championship during the 2015-2016 season. It recieved its name at our second qualifier when our robot was stabbed in the back by our alliance partner.

Bertha (2016-2017)

Bertha was created for last years Velocity Vortex challenge and was easily the biggest and baddest of our teams robots to date. This robot took our team to Super Regionals last year and was capable of both launching into the vortex and capping the cap ball.