Our teams mission this year is to inspire each other and our community to not only to be enthusiastic about science, engineering, and technological skills, but also to ask the question “What if?” and pursue knowledge.


So far this season to raise STEM awareness throughout our community we have visited Civitas Learning and gave a presentation about FIRST and what it means to be an FTC team. Many attendees of our presentation were interested in the program and some even decided to push for the creation of a team at their local schools. In addition to going to Civitas, our team also went to ARM and helped set up numerous FLL fields for FLL teams throughout the Austin area.


Last year for our outreach, we have decided to reach out to the underserved portion of the city and provide them with the opportunity to experience FIRST firsthand. So far this year, we have mentored team 8424 E-Cubed and have helped run an FLL scrimmage at our local highschool. Also, our organization set up the worlds largest FTC Kickoff to date. In addition to these three items, many members of our team set up a booth at the ATX Thanksgiving Lunch and enabled the underprivileged kids of Austin to experience some of the wonders of STEM.