Meet The Team

FIRST Team 6209 Venom was created 7 years ago in 2010. Consisting of seven rookies, it was unlikely that the team would go far. However, that team set a precedent of being a fun, boistrous team with a love of STEM.


ResQ was the first year Venom went to worlds. We won 1st control award at South Super Regionals because we were one of the first teams to utilize vision in our Autonomous. That year, we also became the first team to ever win a state UIL robotics competition. Last year we made it to South Super Regionals off of the robot and that was where are season ended, but also where this year begins. This year, Venom has 10 members, one mentor, and three coaches. We also have three rookies and two veterans that are new to 6209.

Sponsors and Mentors